Meet Marvel’s Blue Hulk

 Meet Marvel’s Blue Hulk

The Hulk is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and throughout its history, there have been many versions even more powerful than the Hulk we know. Most versions were wild in nature, however there were also versions that merged with separate entities, giving the Hulk different types of power.


First of all, it is necessary to explain the concept of Uni-Power. Uni-Power is an enigmatic energy source that originated from a dimension outside our own known as the Microverse. The Microverse was supposedly designed by giant beings known as The Creators. These resemble the Celestials in terms of power. However, it is still unclear what kind of contribution The Creators had to create Uni-Power.

The Uni-Power is therefore just another offshoot of the Enigma Force and the manifestation of the fundamental energy that permeates the Microverse. What makes the Uni-Power similar to other “powers” within the Marvel Universe is the fact that it can merge with other individuals and grant them the powers of “Captain Universe”.

Many Marvel characters over the years have carried the mantle of “Captain Universe”, among the first was Doctor Gilbert Wiles, who later came to study the force to unlock its secrets and use it for the good of humanity.

The Link Between Blue Hulk and Marvel’s Uni-Power

The story of the Blue Hulk is directly linked to the Uni-Power. Blue Hulk first appeared in Marvel’s Captain Universe: Incredible Hulk (2006). Bruce Banner explores the wilderness in an attempt to distance himself from civilized society to avoid causing harm to others. However, Bruce accidentally steps into a bear trap, and the sudden injury and acute pain triggers the Hulk’s transformation. He is enraged when a blue floating orb approaches him and manages to calm him down.

Uni-Power needs Bruce’s help to locate Gilbert Wiles. Although the Uni-Power is extremely powerful, it cannot locate a single individual in New York City. The only reason Uni-Power was able to locate Bruce was because he emits gamma radiation. So Bruce went to New York to locate the Doctor.

Once there, Gilbert explained everything he knew about the force, however, Gilbert worked for AIM, who tried to use the Uni-Power for evil purposes. In the midst of their conversation, an AIM agent attacked Banner and Wiles, carrying a weapon capable of separating the Uni-Power from the being it had bonded with.

After the attack, David Garrett, Wiles’ business partner, was killed. The Uni-Power then bonded with the Hulk again, resulting in yet another Blue Hulk transformation. In his blue Hulk form he easily took out the AIM robots. However, a huge mess was left behind and Wiles, confident that his innocence regarding the incident would come to light, refused help.

However, Wiles ended up in prison and Bruce contacted Matt Murdock, Daredevil, so he could defend Wiles in court. Later, Uni-Power abandoned Hulk and bonded with Daredevil, granting him enough abilities to defend Wiles and temporarily restore his eyesight.

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Marvel’s Blue Hulk Powers and Abilities

The Blue Hulk should, in theory, be as strong and durable as in his default form. In addition, he must also have access to all the powers that Captain Universe has, although it is important to note that the Uni-Power has a different effect on the people he associates with. For example, when bonding with Bruce Banner, the Uni-Power had the ability to suppress Hulk’s personality for a while and calm him down. As for Matt Murdock, Uni-Power was able to restore his eyesight.

In general, Uni-Power grants certain abilities by default, such as the so-called “Uni-Vision”, a type of cosmic awareness that gives its wielder the ability to sense things on a subatomic level. Another notable power is matter and energy manipulation, which allows Captain Universe to change an object’s shape.

Marvel’s Blue Hulk was strong enough to dispatch AIM robots easily. However, he failed to demonstrate other powers and abilities tied to the Uni-Power. Due to the complete lack of talent, it’s difficult to say exactly how powerful the Blue Hulk is compared to other versions of the Hulk or wielders of the Uni-Power.

To summarize, the Blue Hulk of the Marvel Universe is a version of the Hulk who teamed up with Uni-Power for a short period of time. Most notably, it turned the Hulk’s skin blue and suppressed his personality for a short time.

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