Discover the origin of Miles Morales

 Discover the origin of Miles Morales

Peter Parker was the only Spider-Man in the main Marvel Universe for many years. There were a few variants from other universes, but none reached the popularity of Peter Parker. That was until 2011, when Brian Michael Bendis created Miles Morales.

Miles was a completely new character who took on the mantle of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker in his universe. Since his debut, the character has only grown in popularity and has now appeared in films, games, and television shows. So, let’s learn a little about the origin of Miles Morales.

Who is Miles Morales’ family?

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Miles Morales is one of the few comic book superheroes who has living parents who know his alter ego. His father is a police officer and his mother is a nurse, and it is from them that Miles draws his need to help people. However, although it seems that Miles has a happy family life, his uncle Aaron is the supervillain, the Prowler.

Miles and his uncle were very close, however, this eventually led to a falling out between the two characters. Aaron wanted Miles to follow in his footsteps and become a villain, but Miles refused, which led to them becoming enemies. This story suffered changes in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which had a simpler relationship between the two.

The Ultimate Comics Universe

Marvel’s Ultimate Comics was created in the early 2000s and was a new universe designed to bring new readers to comics. By giving all the heroes new beginnings, it got rid of all the complicated history of the characters, making it easier for new readers to start. The most popular series in this line was Ultimate Spider-Man.

This series focused on a much younger Peter Parker, returning him to high school and telling his origin from scratch. Near the end, it was announced that Peter Parker would be killed and a new Spider-Man would take his place. That’s when readers met Miles Morales in 2011, who would become the main Spider-Man of Earth-1610.

How did Miles Morales become Spider-Man?

Miles came from a working-class home in Brooklyn, New York, where his mother was a nurse and his father was a police officer. His uncle, Aaron Davis, was secretly the Prowler, and one day, when he broke into an abandoned Oscorp building, a genetically engineered spider crawled into his bag.

Against the wishes of his parents, Miles often visited his uncle. One day, while sitting in Aaron’s apartment, the spider crawled out of the bag and bit Miles. This gave Miles the same powers as Peter Parker, but with some extras, such as camouflage, for example.

Shortly after being bitten, Miles decides that he doesn’t want or need to be Spider-Man, as Peter Parker is still alive at this point. After seeing on the news that Spider-Man was fighting the Sinister Six, Morales realizes that Peter may be in serious danger and decides to go try to help him.

When he arrives, the Sinister Six is defeated, however, Peter Parker is killed in the process. This makes Miles feel guilty and take on the mantle of Spider-Man, even suffering rejection from other heroes who knew Peter Parker. After gaining the trust of Nick Fury and the other heroes, they present Miles with a brand new suit and web-shooters, solidifying him officially as the Spider-Man of Earth-1610.

How did Miles join Earth-616?

As mentioned earlier, Miles Morales became Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker. This may confuse you, as you’ve probably seen Miles and Peter fighting side-by-side. However, this is because Miles was transported to the main Earth-616 of the Marvel Universe.

This happened during the comic book event, Secret Wars, which took place in 2015, which was a large multiversal war to prevent all the Earths from collapsing. At the end of the comics, some universes and their inhabitants were destroyed, which happened to Earth-1610. However, some characters from this Earth were transported to Earth-616. This included Miles Morales and his supporting cast.

Due to the popularity of the character, there was no way for Marvel to kill him, so they had him join the main universe and fight alongside the other heroes. Since then, this has given us several partnerships with Miles and Peter.

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